Just a quick outline of some of the things that we have planned for the upcoming year!



KitPVP refresh  done!

Mob arena- new arenas to go in (some done)

                 – further tweaks to mob bosses/new waves

                 – refresh of a number of the arenas

Minigames – new snowman parkour to go in

                  – more parkours

                  – mazes with crate rewards! (some done)

                  – new/updates to spawn area!(some done)

                  – expansion of the general games area and walkways (in progress)

                  – more KitPVP/Hide and seek arenas

                  – new massive suprise ‘multi-games-arena‘ area( we have the base building already hidden!)

                  – refresh of other existing arenas as required

Crates! various crate rewards to go in (we have around 5 crate versions including the roulette one)

Prison – work on making prison more fun and functional with more features

BIG Survival Map Reset with an amazing replacement one!! (DONE!)

New gamemode and potentially world – we are currently looking at a few options (in test)

Obviously these won’t all be in at once, and it will be a busy year (as always), but expect to see the

development that you are used to seeing, hopefully a bit quicker now we have the build team.