Server restarts

We started with some random restarts notice in the early hours last week, and between very defined time limits. This then worsened and was affecting the server during any hour, regardless of if players were on or not. … Read More

Staff additions

Welcome to The Deadeye, who has stepped into the role of teamspeak moderator, and area of our site sadly overlooked until now! And a warm welcome to Ariellow who has joined our Build Team!

1.11 update

10:42:37  11/20/2016 We are currently testing 1.11, and the majority of our plugins are up to date.   Just a couple to catch up and some stability testing.   This will most probably conclude int he next week … Read More


03/09/2016    Plugin updates and testing are going well on our test server.   Once the last few are done then we can look at updating to 1.9!

Survival Reset

Opinion seems to be overall for resetting the Survival Map, although some have reservations as expected. We are pretty sure it will offer a much better experience for our players and give a new fresh feel to the … Read More

New staff

Congratulations to Nyron on joining the team as moderator on the server     and   Chibidafox on moving up to Junior Admin     I’m sure you’ll all join us in welcoming them into their new roles … Read More

New Minigame

We will be introducing a new minigame for halloween, this is going to be a considerable change to the current game modes that we currently have, and hopefully everyone will enjoy it and the new arenas!

New Staff

Congratulations to our new moderators. Chibidafox  Chesterpiggy and SubatomicWeegee have joined us as staff on the server. Well done guys!

Server tutorial

Our new server tutorial is nearly ready, quick shot of it here. It’s located at /warp tutorial and will be open soon!

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